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Here is what parents have to say about
Capri Piano Studio

“Noelle is one of the most gifted pianists and piano teachers I’ve ever known! She has a gift of bringing out the best musicality in her students and inspires them to be their best selves! She comes highly recommended. We won’t look anywhere else for our kids!” 

Kristi G.

“Noelle became my 17-year-old daughter’s piano teacher after we moved to UT from Tennessee and we are so happy we found her! I have seen my daughter’s piano skills improve exponentially since Noelle started teaching her. Noelle is not only profession, incredibly talented, and knowledgeable, but she is able to relate to my teenage daughter who just loves her. I would recommend Noelle to any and all of my friends and family — she’s amazing!”

Leslie G.

Lauren L.

“Noelle has been an amazing teacher for our boys! Both of our boys (14 and 10 years old) have come a long way with playing the piano since starting lessons with Noelle a year-and-a-half ago. She makes lessons individual for our boys, challenges them, and makes lessons enjoyable. Both of our boys love having her as their teacher and they have learned so much!

Dani C.

Rachel H.

“When searching for another piano teacher, I was looking for someone who could adapt to different learning styles. My son is always wanting to correct his mistakes while learning and has a lot of questions to ask. In the 2 years we have been with Noelle, she continues to exemplify all the qualities of a good leader/teacher. She is PATIENT! My son loves Fridays, because we get to see Noelle and her cute family. Piano is a getaway for my son. Thank you Noelle. We are truly grateful for your time and passion.”

“We LOVE Noelle! My oldest daughter strongly disliked piano with her previous teacher and Noelle has completely changed her attitude about it. Noelle has the perfect balance of teaching the importance of technique but also makes sure to allow the girls to play music they will enjoy and be motivated to learn. She is patient with them but also teaches them the importance of practicing and being consistent. We are so grateful to have her teaching our girls. She truly is the best!

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