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I enjoy being realistically flexible and understanding with my students and their parents. To facilitate this, my studio has a few set policies where I will remain firm.


These policies are as follows:

Capri Piano Studio Policy

  • Cancellations—if the circumstance arises where a student needs to cancel or reschedule a lesson, I require notice by at least the night before the scheduled lesson. While I understand that sometimes unforeseen dilemmas come up, I hope each of my clients will understand that a cancellation the day-of a lesson that I have already set aside the time for is inconvenient and inconsiderate for me. If a lesson is cancelled the day-of, unless for a serious emergency, I will still charge for that lesson. If a cancelation must be made, I strongly encourage a rescheduling of the lesson, when possible, for a different time that week. 

  • Payment—clients are given the option to pay either monthly or weekly. If paying monthly, tuition will be expected to be paid by the first lesson of the month. If paying weekly (lesson by lesson), payment will be expected within 24 hours of the lesson. Both timelines are firm unless clearly negotiated with me. 

  • Recitals—I will be organizing regular recitals for the studio, on average 2-3 times a year. All students will be prepared in their lessons months in advance to be a participating performer in these recitals. Parents are expected to attend to offer support and contribute to the exciting atmosphere of these recitals, and are encouraged to invite family members and friends. These recitals will be held in a rented performance space, and depending on the total cost for renting the space, each student/parent will be asked to participate in paying a small portion (estimated $5-$10) of the cost. These recitals will offer students and family a beautiful and memorable opportunity to savor and enjoy the hours of hard work and the beautiful music of all my gifted students. Recitals are truly a highlight for a young pianist. 

  • Communication—perhaps above all, I want to express how deeply I value open and honest communication between my students and myself, but also between the parents of my students and myself. If at any time and for any reason there are issues, confusions, questions or concerns, I hope that each of you feel comfortable to approach me with these things. I encourage communication about anything relevant to me as the piano instructor, and commit to prioritizing your needs and concerns. If you as the parent feel a different approach with your child would be more effective, I trust your opinion and would absolutely love to have it communicated to me. I value my relationship with each of you! I hope you can feel that, and feel comfortable talking with me about these important things, no matter how small (or awkward).



Thank you with all my heart for being part of my studio, it is truly fulfilling and joyous to see each of my students learn and grow into professionally trained musicians.


Noelle Elyse Davidson


I'm always happy to answer questions. Let’s connect!


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