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About Me


My Teaching Philosophy and Background

I started playing piano by ear at age 4, then began lessons at age 6. 

At the age of 12, I was the first American graduate of the Well Prepared Pianist Institute. 

I grew up competing in local, regional, national and international competitions and have placed in over 50 competitions. 

I studied Piano Performance at the BYU School of Music.

I can trace my “piano lineage” through my teachers back to Beethoven.

Welcome to my studio! I’m thrilled to have each of my students here, and I am passionate about guiding and encouraging their learning at the piano. I am inspired by each of my dear students and I work hard to be as much of a benefit to them as they are to me. Music has been a lifelong pursuit of mine, beginning at the age of 4 with classical training. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t playing the piano, and I couldn’t imagine life without it. 

Teaching Philosophy

The study of music on a professional, classical and in-depth level provides the individual with insight, inspiration and abilities that can be a challenge to acquire and maintain elsewhere in life. I believe that music has the potential to be a very spiritual and soulful experience, bringing us closely in touch with emotions and feelings, provoking introspection, and connecting us with God. Music has an intense power to influence mood and thoughts, to set the tone and affect feelings. 

Musical study and practice provide the learner with so many intellectual benefits:

  • increased memory capabilities 

  • strengthened hand-eye coordination 

  • sharpened mental focus 

  • finer detail-oriented skills 

  • enhanced discipline and diligence


I attribute many of my positive characteristics and abilities to my experience with music. I hope for each of my students to see benefits in their lives as well. 

My Background

I began piano lessons at age 6 in Seattle, WA, and was taught the Well Prepared Pianist Institute curriculum (WPPI), becoming the first American graduate at the age of 12. I grew up receiving the highest level of music education, having masterclasses with many world-renowned pianists, as well as competing in and winning local Scholarship, MTNA, and Concerto competitions, and even placed in an international Chopin competition held in Seattle. I played and performed in trio groups with violin and cello, and in Piano Teams (an arrangement of 5 pianists playing together like an orchestra). I received rigorous technical training while being taught sensitive musical expression all throughout my childhood and adolescence.

I was trained as a concert pianist always knowing that I would eventually go to college to study piano performance. I applied to the BYU School of Music and auditioned at barely 18, and was accepted. While at BYU I have been privileged to study with esteemed pianists, Juilliard graduates and well-known pedagogues. I began my career as a piano teacher while a student at BYU, and have been able to receive close coaching from my professors while growing into my role as a teacher myself. 

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